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Valley of Games

For more variety on your holidays

Montelino's Adventure Mountain with wildlife feeding and enchanted forest

You'll need about 90 minutes (3 km) through forests and across alpine meadows to complete all interactive stations along Montelino's Adventure Trail. An ideal way to spend a full or half day with your kids playing and having fun. Little hikers will love the wonderful story of little Clown Montelino and embark on an exciting journey with him to find his smile again. In the enchanted forest, lovingly carved characters from world-famous fairy tales show the way through the forest. And every day between 10 and 11 o'clock, you'll have the chance to witness the wildlife feeding and get up close to the deer!

Mount Kodok themed hiking trail 

Here little hikers get to prove their cleverness, motor skills and courage. On the 3.5 km long trail, children are easily immersed into the fantasy world of the infamous goblin Kodok, who has stolen the clown's magic hat. The goblin has hidden it in a secret place and now it's up to the children to follow the mysterious clues and ultimately solve the riddle posed to them.

Expedition Kodok - Playful geocaching

The cunning goblin Kodok, thanks to many brave children, may no longer be in possession of the clown's hat, but he now has secret magic powers. In order to put an end to the shenanigans on the mountain, the magic crystals need to be found. With the help of a treasure map or a GPS tracker, it should be possible to find the hiding place!

Schnitza's Wood Park and Devil's Water

Right next to the popular Devil's Water with a Kneipp pool, fishpond, mill wheel, forest playhouse, rockpool and stone dragon playground you'll find the adventure playground on which everything revolves around wood. Here carving lessons are also available and competitive milking of "Resi" the cow is sure to make for plenty of amusement.

Captain Hook Outdoor Adventure Pool

The modern outdoor pool with 1,000 m² water area including white-water canal, climbing net, rocking bay, rain zone, tube slide and wide wavy slide offers a unique and thrilling water adventure. In addition, there is also a beach volleyball court as well as an outdoor cinema with restaurant.

Treetop Trail & Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps

Saalbach-Hinterglemm valley head amazes children and adults with one of the longest suspension bridges - the Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps. The treetop trail, on the other hand, is the highest located one in Europe. Walk across the 200 m long suspension bridge at some 40 m height and complete the 1 km long circular trail with exciting impressions and photos!

Largest high ropes course in Austria

Here not only skills are called for, when balancing, swinging and climbing you also need to show plenty of courage. The various courses are located at heights between 3 and 40 metres and lead across various rope and bridge constructions.

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